DJ Michael ‘5000’ Watts brings together Slim Thug, Doughbeezy, and BuddieRoe for a Houston-made “Motorsport Freestyle.”

“Motorsport” is on its way to becoming an anthem. The track, which brings together The Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B, is infectious and full of nice punchlines. And even if some would say that Nicki was the weakest link on the song, Onika Maraj made up for that in “Motorsport’s” music video.

But CuBeatz and Murda Beatz’s instrumental is hot enough even without the bars. So hot, in fact, that the right set of artists could take advantage and freestyle over it. Like, if there were a Houston remix of “Motorsport,” who would you put on it? Who would be fitting enough to ride that beat?

DJ Michael “5000” Watts believes he has the answer to that question. On Friday, the Houston DJ assembled a version of Houston’s own Avengers, in the form of Slim Thug, Doughbeezy, and BuddieRoe, on an H-Town “Motorsport Freestyle.”

In a sense, the “Motorsport Freestyle” arrives at the perfect time for every emcee on it. Slim Thug’s recently-released ‘The World is Yours’ LP is already getting high praise. BuddieRoe, the winner of the first-ever HTown Rap Battle, just logged a solid feature of his own on DeLorean’s “The Rollcall” single. And Doughbeezy? In addition to starting up the HTown Rap Battle in the first place, the rapper has laid the groundwork all 2017 to ensure he has 2018 within his grasp when he releases his ‘King Beezy’ LP.

Thugga kicks things off, pledging allegiance to balling and grinding and insisting that he’s too busy “talking money with the Bosses” to “kick it with the chumps.” BuddieRoe holds down the middle, finding a rhythm and shouting out the patience of his crew while breaking down the legalese. That leaves the victory lap verse to Dough, The SouthEast Beast firing off rhymes for over a minute solo and reminding listeners why¬†“they feel Dough – ’cause they know [he] keep it trill doe.”

Stream DJ Michael Watts’ Houston remake of “Motorsport,” featuring Slim Thug, BuddieRoe, and Doughbeezy, for yourself down below.