lyssa feel me vol 2

Let a litle light in via Lyssa’s brand new 5-track suite, Feel Me, Vol. 2.

Most would consider Lyssa one of the more outward, glowing beings in Houston. With good reason. The twenty-something USC graduate returned home, painted a world in her own colors and crafted the sort of ambient R&B that has become the norm. Relishing her own songwriting and inquisition of lovers, Feel Me, Vol. 2 takes to task lovers past and present who have only shortchanged her on the path to love and happiness.

“You’re making this so hard,” she coos on “Scary Boy.” “You’re always running away.” Whether it be a commitment, crafting lies to mask the truth or more, Lyssa’s game is that she’s ready and prepared for whatever. This isn’t a “bet you think this song is about you” moment but the shoe ultimately fits on many of us, afraid of an end game for fear of failure.

The bulk of Feel Me, Vol. 2‘s sound is dedicated to an acknowledgment of self. Lyssa isn’t dimming her light for anyone, man or woman. The EP’s closer, “Who I Be” literally manifests the idea of walking around as if you’ve been dipped in gold. Premiered back in July, it’s a fitting finale to an EP that is designed to honor thyself and be rid of all the bullshit the world attempts to throw at you. With assistance from Jonquel, Dylan Cohl, Suraj and ProKidRyan, the Atlanta to Houston product crafts an EP that is solely her. Feel her out a little.

Stream Feel Me, Vol. 2 below via Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.