le$ chico cover

Le$ closes his year out in grand fashion with Chico.

In 2017, Le$ released a grand total of 38 songs over four projects. All in all, that’s two hours worth of music that somehow got stretched over a six month period. May was the Houston centric Midnight Club helmed by DJ Mr. Rogers. September was a bit of Summer Madness where Rogers, Le$ and Jorgey Casanova took their talent and aesthetic out West. In October, weeks after the Things With Todd premiere, Le$ teamed with Todd Louis for The Catalina Wine Mixer, arguably the rap version of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

Le$ didn’t go less than 90 full-days beginning in May without releasing new music. It’s why the set up for Chico, a Todd Louis and Suraj joint production feels organic. Nine tracks, no fat, lean and to the point. By the time “Made in Amerikkka” closes, the lasting words should be “Steak & Shrimp.” Because the entire year has been a mixture of serving product to the fiends used to it and people clamoring for more work.

Relaxed, at times ferocious and pointed, Chico is Le$’ salute to the year of hard work and then some. You can stream it below via Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.