Roy O. and Lee-Lonn hold court at Houston’s AllRealRadio headquarters in the new video for the former’s “Find Your Way” single.

“… Only thing I can control, is the person I choose to be…”

Few albums dropped in 2017 were quite like Roy O.’s ‘OVIE.’ The Houston-bred rapper’s second LP showed his two sides: the man brought up in the H, and the man who held true to his Nigerian roots. Roy-O didn’t try to sound like what was popular, or even what Houston is “supposed” to sound like. He took a route all his own, rode a variety of beats, spat spoken word and trusted listeners to take him at face value.

On Christmas Day, Roy O. shared a set of visuals for one of ‘OVIE’s’ more underappreciated cuts, “Find Your Way.” Roy. O’s first music video since the Hot Peez-assisted “Fluorescent,” “Find Your Way’s visuals were shot at AllRealRadio’s headquarters, tucked in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward. AllRealRadio is known for its support of local indies, so it makes all of the sense that a local indie like Roy O. would post up there and show it a little love.

Featuring cameos from JohnFugginDough and Mo. City label Picture My Vision (who don’t hesitate to namedrop Kelsey McDaniel of Hustlegrade), “Find Your Way’s” music video keeps it simple. There’s no flashy cars, there’s no lovely women. There’s just Roy O., sitting on the porch talking about life with AllRealRadio’s Steve Rozco (who co-directed the video with Winston Curry). Somewhere along the way, feature Lee-Lonn (fresh off the release of his own music video for “The Fall”) joins Roy O. outside on the benches in the back.

The best thing about the “Find Your Way” music video might not even be its message about banking on yourself and trusting the universe. Rather, it’s that Roy O. and company essentially dedicated the visual to Third Ward, right down to sliding in a shot of the “I (Love) 3W” mural painted on the side of AllRealRadio’s domain. Couple that with a call to rebuke the gentrification in the area, and “Find Your Way” becomes bigger than just being true to yourself. It’s about keeping home authentic, too.

Watch the video for Roy O.’s “Find Your Way,” featuring Lee-Lonn, up top. OVIE is out now on iTunes.