jay von seano phresh 20 20 ep

The Picture My Vision duo of Jay-Von & Seano Phresh go for dolo on their 20/20 EP.

Last Thursday, Jay-Von and Seano Phresh invited a few select guests over to Sugarhill Studios for their 20/20 listening session. Most of the time, these things boil down to music being secondary, ancillary activities the primary. But, that wasn’t the case. Even if there were bottles of Prosecco prominently situated in the middle of the studio, the people who were there were there to listen to a short, but sweet 18-minute EP.

True enough, Jay-Von and Seano Phresh displayed the same amount of chemistry from July’s PMV Vol. 1 mixtape, if not exceeding it. The tape’s closer, “The City” with Noah Nova builds after every verse and bridge. It’s an ode to Mo City, a track Von proudly boasted would be the next “Mo City Don.” It may be gaudy aspirations to live up to the most recited freestyle in Houston rap history but I’ll be damned if the PMV contingent and Noah Nova didn’t try. Each man speaks on the learning and tutelage they received in the Mo, on both sides of the redline. Von closes things with a spirited double-time and Seano makes it clear as day that despite being from the side not as close to 2234, he still breaks his wrist proudly.

20/20 EP takes in a single skit and five tracks from brooding (“Hindsight”) to body-rock and head nodding (“Groovy” featuring George Young). Most of all, the EP will be remembered for “The City,” and for Von and Seano attempted to spar with one another verbally until there’s a clear winner. Some may raise objections as to who truly won in the end but the true winner? PMV.

Listen to Von & Seano’s 20/20 EP below via Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.