Merry Christmas! This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street!

Of course, you already know today is Christmas. This day is a special one for me. Looking back on my time growing up, I can recall the routine of me thinking of gifts to ask of my mom and “grandma” (read: Great-Aunt). They would then take my requests and, somehow, someway, make them come to reality.

The Sega Game Gear with the Tom & Jerry cartridge. The Nintendo Game Boy with Super Mario cartridge. The real, working microscope, complete with slides and lightbulb to see the microbes. Even ALL of the sweaters, socks, and undies. These and more were all things that I got from them. Of course, there were others: the Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 from my dad, and the multiplicity of things from my other aunts, uncles, and family friends.

Now, that I am at another stage in life, I realize that there are other things that I am grateful to have, aside from gifts. Things like having a supportive spouse, great advice that I still cherish from my deceased parents (RIP Mom & Dad), as well as being able to spend quality time with my friends and loyal associates and allies. At the end of the day, that is what matters most to me.

Another thing that I am grateful for, in this season of gift-giving and gift-receiving is the ability to express myself creatively in a number of different and diverse ways: writing streetwear articles for anyone and everyone who will read them; visually as a tailor of clothing (barely in my first year, LOL); mentally as a film writer and creative consultant. However, of all the things, creatively that I do, which I am most proud of, at this point in time is my time with my music group, Dirty & Nasty.

We just dropped our LONG AWAITED album, Knowledge Is Queen (available on for the low price of FREE.99!) and we must say, it is our most compelling body of work, but you do not have to take my word for it. Go download it and tell us what you think. SHOUTOUT to Dorothy (@doromilan on IG) for being the model for the cover.

Finally, this streetwear writing is moving UP UP UP, and I plan to be in some cool places, writing some cool things, about cool people, so DEFINITELY be on the lookout for those pieces, BOTH here and a couple of OTHER places (of which I am not at liberty to speak of, until the ink dries).

So, while you are with your families, celebrating the holiday with gifts, food, and drink, and other things, take the time to remember what you are grateful for and who you are doing it for.

Peace, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a prosperous New Year,

D3 The Concrete

(Photos by Jordan Asinas & Drew Strane)