show louis country trap tunez 2

Country rap tunes had a godfather in Pimp C. It now has Show Louis and PugTunes to carry the mantle.

The opening sounds of Show Louis’ second tape of 2017 features Evelyn “Champagne” King. If you have hummed “I Think My Heart Is Telling,” then you’ve probably harkened back to the days when FUBU had a record label and 54th Platoon from New Orleans was the lead group. Their biggest “hit” so to speak sampled King, a record that flipped all of King’s vocal inflections into moans and reactions of player deeds and presence. PugTunes, Show’s production consigliere and probably the most impactful producer from Houston in 2017, scored it.

Show and Puggy Two Times cooked up heat on May’s Money Didn’t Make Anybody. The meal becomes a leaner dish on Country Trap Tunez 2. An able-bodied sequel where the guests range from familiar (Doughbeezy, Delorean, Bigg Fatts), beloved if not vastly underrated (Bleeda) and outspoken. From “Faith” onward, Show Louis kicks raps in that grizzled, day in the life type of flow that made him a rapper’s favorite rapper and a street boy’s go-to bluesman. “Free Promotion” could be seen as the remix to Delorean’s “Take Me Back (Intro)” from Take Me Back as Show and Doughbeezy match the energy of haters actually doing more lip wrassling than Lavar Ball.

“N*ggas finna die gimmicks for that famous five minutes,” Show raps on “Can U Feel Me,” as a warning to those wanting to do whatever for cameras. Bleeda’s been down as long as McDonald’s has been without a working ice cream machine. Both of them together exercise the same pain and thought processes though. If you’ve seen dirt and done dirt, there’s no value in expressing said dirt for attention. Seeking attention is for suckers. Having attention come to you for good is the best currency on this Earth.

PugTunes went three for three in scoring monster projects in 2017 from Delorean, Bigg Fatts and now Show. Time to crown him and Mr. Loud Howard by purchasing Country Trap Tunez 2 on Bandcamp or iTunes and streaming it below.