sza the weekend video

SZA’s long-awaited “The Weekend” video is here, complete with Solange direction and definitive message.

TDE decided to offer a double dose of gifts for the holidays. Following the premiere of Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE.” off of the critically acclaimed DAMN album, SZA made sure the most talked about track from her own lauded debut, CTRL got its official video tonight as well.

The Weekend,” directed by Solange Knowles carries some of its chief photographer’s vibe in regards to last year’s A Seat At The Table. Unlike “Cranes In The Sky” for example, SZA’s foray into dance and power is a full-on solo affair. The video opens and closes with the text, “one opted out, an imbalance of power, shifted the whole tide, it waved and waved,” not before letting SZA dance, glance, pose and more in various locations. Parking garages, art galleries, rooftops and more, it’s a display of sensuality and power without being upfront about it.

SZA’s 2017 has been one for the books, not just regarding acclaim but also in regards to interpretation. More often than not, the TDE singer has had to explain what “The Weekend” truly means, almost down to its ’90s Timbaland era inspired bassline. It is not a song specifically about her being a side chick as she’s refuted numerous times. Instead, it’s a song about four people, three women and one man, all seemingly caught up in one twisted tryst. The only thing is, one woman opted out — once more driving back home the point of Solange’s text in the video. One left, leaving the perfect balance of four to mean an uneven and rocky three now. SZA’s turned the power in her regard, for the better.

Watch “The Weekend” video presented by VEVO below.