KenTheMan breaks out the black heels and comes for heads on a new freestyle, “Roll in Peace.”

KenTheMan wasn’t about to let 2017 end without dropping another reminder of who she is.

By all accounts, this may have been the Houston emcee’s biggest year to date, with her breakout song “Deserve” getting play in many states – and across the pond – and her “Lurk” gaining steam, as well. There’s a reason KenTheMan has been putting out tracks at a more consistent pace: because she FINALLY has a full project on the way, entitled ‘What A Beautiful F*ckin’ Day.’

Before ‘Beautiful’ lands, however, KenTheMan took to her YouTube channel to share a new song, “Roll in Peace (freestyle).”

“I got another one – oh, I got another one!” KenTheMan begins her freestyle with this very line, her trademark self-assuredness oozing through the words and accompanied by a knowing smile. It turns out, the “another one” in question isn’t just Ken getting her DJ Khaled on by insisting she’s got another hot record, but also her promise that she’s got replacements on deck when she cuts her roster. Director PhotosByJazmine shows Ken looking lovely in a blue mink and rhinestone-covered stockings, prancing down concrete hallways and squatting atop the MetroRail tracks.

But it’s not about watching KenTheMan look pretty for two minutes (though that is a bonus). It’s about the emcee taking shots and not missing once – whether it’s at peers she’d rather work with, were they not being “mad ass hoes”; or at those who claim to be about that life, but really aren’t. “They ain’t doin’ shootin’, never held a Glock/ all they do is sleep and lay on n*ggas’ cots!” Ken spits, with the kind of sting that might make you wonder just who set the self-proclaimed Punch Line King off.

Watch the video for KenTheMan’s “Roll in Peace (Freestyle)” for yourself up top. KenTheMan’s ‘What A Beautiful F*ckin’ Day’ album is due out in 2018.