lee-lonn the fall videoHow a year in Lee-Lonn’s life led to “The Fall.”

On Monday night, Lee-Lonn invited friends and supporters to The Media Block, an all-inclusive center that, as the name implies, is a brain stem for creatives. Music videos can be shot here in a warehouse, podcasts can be recorded in a side room near the main office. The venue has already held a recent edition of Scotty Rap’s Houston Bar Code, proving itself as a fulfillment of Q. Guyton and his ANF team. But Monday, Lee-Lonn turned the building into a confessional.

200 people came in and out of the venue, all of them there to watch Lee-Lonn’s “The Fall” video. The single, released in September, was as personal a Lee-Lonn moment as there has been. Probably the closest moment since “Girls Love Beyonce” freestyle where he spoke openly about his auto-immune disease. He doesn’t often speak about it often he does, he lets the world know that sometimes, even Superman hurts too.

His biggest visible talent can be found in his voice. That angelic hum that can turn downward into a thin, almost less falsetto. But his truest gift may be that of bringing people together. Lee-Lonn, as magnetic a singer as there is in Houston, is ultimately human. So despite “The Fall” being a single we received in the fourth quarter of 2017, the video for it was shot back in January.

Bed ridden at times due to his arthritis, Lee-Lonn and director Selfess managed to shoot around it. You can see him recreate the song and embrace his oneness in an empty field. It’s him, the opinion of one woman as a muse and the world. Kind of the way he wants it to be.

Being human and embracing your faults may be a superpower. Lee spilled his guts on Monday night because he embraced the newness of his powers. He’s falling right into the next chapter for his life.