curtis mayz joose

Curtis Mayz lets a house party become a kickback for “Joose.”

Months after his TripleDiziac release, Curtis Mayz and that now infamous thin-razor-straight-outta-Dallas-sharp flow of his return with a video for “Joose.”

Mayz under a normal circumstance would use “Joose” as a moment of flexing. Instead, the bald Texan is less foul-mouthed than Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2002 and more focused than Austin as the Ringmaster. He could dream of a big party, but a lowkey kickback with everyone dressed in black is just as good. There could be a lavish spread, but baked chicken on the grill is more than serviceable for Mayz. What’s key to recognize is that Mayz is fully aware of all of his powers. He’s only going to use them for good, however. Unless he starts getting “5:38 AM” vibes in his body again.

Watch the “Joose” video below and watch one of Dallas’ upstarts begin plotting at the exact time he should be celebrating. Won’t be long before there’s a statement in Curtis’ life where he has to unleash his version of the Royal Proclamation.