Rapsody gives her Laila’s Wisdom standout cut “Sassy” an eye-popping set of visuals to match.

There’s a reason Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ LP was lauded enough to get a Grammy nod for Best Rap Album next year. Mind you, the North Carolina rapper has always put out projects at a high level, even when they were just mixtapes. But ‘Laila’ depicted Rapsody at her most comfortable and, yet, at her most hungry to date. Rap was comfortable because her penchant for dope rhymes was finally getting the spotlight it deserves. But she was hungry, too, because it’s never been Rapsody’s nature to slow down.

“Sassy” may be the brightest example of this. The Eric G-produced cut was a fan favorite off ‘Laila’s Wisdom,’ the hip-hop equivalent of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” poem (right down to its “oil wells in my thighs” reference on the hook) with some cockiness sprinkled in. On Monday, Rapsody opted to give “Sassy” a set of visuals to match.

“Sassy’s” music video is just as fun as the song itself, sporting bright colors throughout and directors Chad Tennies and Mae Grant depicting Rap and her crew riding ’round town in a convertible. Sure, there’s a nice story within the visuals, where Rapsody is convincing her discouraged roommate to step out and have some fun despite her man stressing her out. But the thing that stands out most about “Sassy” besides Rapsody’s bars? The fashion, from the bright red letterman jackets to the fresh HBCU-branded gear. We might just have to get our resident street fashion guru D3 The Concrete on the case to track down the rapper’s Cross Colours’ color-schemed “Black By Popular Demand” hoodie, though. “We can’t touch you now,” indeed, Rapsody.

Watch the video for Rapsody’s “Sassy” single for yourself up top. The Jamla Records emcee’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ LP is out now on iTunes.