Amaru, Houston’s self-professed “Musical Nomad,” shines on a new EP, ‘Feel Trip.’

Houston plays home to many creative collectives, especially on the musical front. They’re not so much clique’ish groups, as they are people who feed off each other’s energy and come together organically to make something amazing. People like The Milky Wayv, for example, The NUMB3RS Committee, and The AfroKnotts. The latter group may be lesser known than the other two, but that won’t last for much longer. Seeing as how they spent most of 2017 touring and appearing at countless music festivals – including this year’s freshDark Fest – damn near anyone can name at least one of its members. Bassman Big Brandon Willis. Vocalist and sound shaper/producer Mufasa Enzor. Bee Honey aka The Girl with the Golden Voice. Tiara Jewel the feature killer. The secret weapon Cha’Mario Chopp. And musical “jack of all trades,” Amaru.

After spending months popping up on others’ songs, Amaru chose to close out 2017 by dropping an EP, ‘Feel Trip.’ It’s the kind of project that perfectly explains why Amaru calls himself “The Musical Nomad.” It’s not because he keeps to himself – it’s because he might stand apart from all others.

‘Feel Trip’s’ 10 tracks each feel fresh in their own right. That’s mostly due to Amaru tinkering with the production and switching up the sound between the songs so that no two sound alike – so that he is the sole common thread conjoining them all. Amaru does have a little help along the way by way of features. OneHunnidt and Jalen Baker add to the mystique of “Sweet Melodia,” a smooth, ethereal cut. Mufasa Enzor joins him on the standout cut “Morning Motivation” (which makes a strong case for being one’s phone alarm). And a sparkling (if brief) feature from Bee Honey on “Levitate” melts perfectly into a hypnotic collaboration with Tiara Jewel, “Vibe Alive.”

That leaves Amaru to hold down the remaining six tracks solo, and he does that without breaking a sweat. He uses vivid storytelling on “Same Way,” shouting out his son and providing listeners with a mantra for life: “I know you fed up, but you gotta keep your head up!” “Happy with you” is a lush, funk-soul slow jam. And “Long Ass Outro” creatively strings together three different melodies within four minutes’ time.

“It’s just that serious, to me – this music is the air I breathe, the reason I sing,” Amaru muses on ‘Feel Trip’s’ intro. It makes sense, because throughout the trip,” The Musical Nomad isn’t playing games at all. He might play upon a couple heartstrings and fond memories, though.

Stream Amaru’s ‘Feel Trip’ EP for yourself in full down below.