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Now, if you know me, then you know that I do not consider myself a sneakerhead. I like shoes and they are cool, especially with all of the innovative technology being released. However, my appreciation of sneakers is part of the whole streetwear macrocosm.

One reason is that many times, especially now, it is SUPER HARD to get a pair of sneakers that you really like. Bots are not my thing, and when I can help it, I want to buy things at the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). Then, it was like I was put in the path of this guy:

This is Nelson Gedeon, the founder and CEO of JetSole, a sneaker buying/selling application. It is also a personal styling service for streetwear. Check out the interview below and tell us what you think about it.


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Tell us who you are and where you are from? 

My name is Nelson Gedeon, founder and CEO of JetSole, Inc. I like to describe myself as a citizen of the world and jack-of-all-trades. My core background is in technology with a bachelors in Computer Science and a masters in Management of Technology/Product Development from NYU Tandon School Of Engineering. My passions consists of sports, technology, music, family time, travel and really anything that peaks my curiosity and forces me to learn more and step outside my box. I was born and raised in Far Rockaway Queens, NY and now reside in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn NY.

We met at the H-Town Sneaker Summit. What were you doing there? 

I was at the H-Town Summit to connect with more sneaker & streetwear enthusiasts outside of the NY area and promote JetSole. I really wanted to connect with the culture and be a part of a dope event like H-Town Sneaker Summit. I did some research on the summit and was really impressed with the longevity and consistency of the event, so wanted to experience it in person. I’m a big fan of anything that consistently adds value to the culture and shares it with the masses, which is exactly what H-Town Sneaker Summit is doing. I also have always wanted to visit Houston, so this was a perfect opportunity.

When I met you, I received a card from you about Jet Sole. What is it and what inspired you to create it? 

JetSole is a personal styling service that curates premium sneakers & street wear for customers based on their specific preferences. Our mission is to make acquiring premium sneakers & street wear a seamless process for all. We also want to introduce customers to new and exciting brands that align with their lifestyle and vibes. We do this by providing our JetBox service, which takes in details of the customer to build a profile. Based on that profile our in-house stylists put together boxes of clothing and sneakers for the customer each month. The cost of each JetBox is up to 40% off the retail price of the items found in the box. We also provide a marketplace for customers to buy and sell authentic sneakers and street wear safely and securely. JetBox members also get discounts towards marketplace purchases.

The inspiration behind JetSole stems from 3 things: first is my love of always wanting to dress in a way that fits my style and communicates my vibe. As a kid, I always walked into stores looking for pieces that spoke to me and me only. I never wanted to be dressed the same as anyone else.

Second was the need to address the hurdles customers face in acquiring premium sneakers and street wear. Over the last decade, it [has] become harder and harder to acquire the more coveted items due to bots, online shopping and just more people interested in the same products. Coming from the corporate world, I myself have experienced just how hard it can be to get these items if you’re not in tune with the release dates, drops and pop up events. So, JetSole is here to make it easier for everyone to acquire these items.

Last was the need to help customers cut though all the noise. We live in a hyper-production time where new products are constantly being released on a weekly basis. While it’s a great time to be in the space as a customer, there is a need for a service that makes it easier to find what’s hot, new and up & coming. Ultimately, I wanted to create a service with a human touch that helps customers get sneakers & street wear in a way that fits their lifestyle.

How can people be a part of JetSole?

We really want to make sure JetSole stays in tune with the culture, so we want to be as accessible to everyone as possible. People can be a part of JetSole, first and foremost, by downloading our app in the Apple app store ( ).

Visit if you don’t have iOS and join our newsletter to find out when the Android app & Web app will be ready. Start buying and selling on the marketplace once you have the app installed. We made it very simple to list sneakers you have for sell or buy items you want.

Signing up to JetBox is a seamless process and the more people that signup and provide details about themselves, the better our item selection process gets for each JetBox. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @JetSole, we are constantly providing content on these platforms. Moving forward we plan on having booths at sneaker and streetwear conventions throughout the country, so we encourage every to stay in tune with our feeds to find out when we are at an event in their city.

Please share some practical advice to someone who is reading this on how to create something as cool as your creation. 

This being my first venture, I’ve had to learn a lot during the journey and am still learning each day. For anyone out there looking to create I’d suggest a few things to focus on:

  1. Identify what it is that you’re good at. It’s not always something that is always immediately visible so you’ll need to do some digging into yourself to figure this out. This could range from coding or being able to connect people together. It will look different for each person.
  2. Identify what tools and resources you have at your disposal. It could be anything from having a car or living in a specific location. These things will help you execute on your creation.
  3. Identify what it is that you are interested in and what is a problem in that space that needs solving. Any creation must address an issue that people are having if it is going to have value to anyone.
  4. Map out a plan on how you can use your skills & tools to create something that addresses the problem you identified. Planning is so vital to creating anything and your plan should be built on real skills, tools and a problem that you’re solving.
  5. Execution! Nothing matters more than executing, each day accomplishing something that brings you closer towards your ultimate goal. The plan means nothing if you’re not executing. You have to stay diligent and patience because results won’t appear immediately, but you have to keep executing everyday. No matter how small the task might seem execute it each day, those small steps add up to the ultimate goal.


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