stockz hit ignore video

Stockz returns to the H (with a little help from Algee Smith) for his latest jaunt.

“Waffle House at 5 AM, you know I’m in the South.” I don’t think a lot of people realize how powerful a statement that is. It’s not a throwaway or filler line. In fact, it is perhaps the most succinct detail in showing someone how legitimate being from the South is. Waffle house is a prided staple, the home of cooks with shooting sleeves willing to give you buckets, a story and an All-Star special to boot. The Waffle House is a place of love and enchantment. You can’t really get that in Los Angeles. Maybe at Roscoe’s but still, it’s not Waffle House.

Stockz understands this as much as anyone. The Houston rapper is officially a Los Angeles resident but his heart still resides within the triangular area codes of 713, 281 and 832. “Hit Ignore,” his latest single and video is an ode to that very notion and the people within it. DJ Hollygrove shows up to kick it in the Waffle House as well as DJ Marvin S’s studio on the Southeast side. Friends come around, laughing and smoking all while the blonde haired kid who resides west takes center stage. It doesn’t hurt to have the new Ralph Tresvant, aka Algee Smith come down and nail a hook to further the point home.

Watch the fun and games of “Hit Ignore,” directed by John Gomez below.