Monday night in Houston, be amongst the first to see Lee-Lonn’s music video for “The Fall.”

Back in September, Lee-Lonn returned to the music with two new tracks: “Earth I” and an incredible new single entitled “The Fall.” The latter marked a breakthrough for the Houston singer as his first-ever self-produced track, and signaled him taking chances in a different way. It’s building up to Lee-Lonn Walker’s first collective project since his ‘Deprived’ EP some years back, but Lee-Lonn is taking his time.

On Monday, Lee-Lonn will debut “The Fall’s” official music video to the public. It’s such a big premiere for the singer that he’s giving the visuals their own “Viewing Party.” Branded as “an exclusive gathering for true lovers of compassion, selflessness, and great music,” “The Fall’s” viewing event will bring together creatives and tastemakers of all types. #BOSSTV will be on hand with a mini-bar, while DJ Rich Nasty will maintain the vibe by spinning sounds all night.

Lee-Lonn’s “The Fall” Viewing Party goes down tonight at The Media Block, 6023 South Loop East Freeway. Doors will open at 7 PM and though tickets may be purchased at the door, you can grab pre-saleĀ here.