my'key iso blessings

Before Last Name Iso, My’Key Iso details what he’s thankful for.

The pan flutes on “Blessings,” the eighth track from My’Key Iso’s upcoming Last Name Iso are a calming opening. They’re a gateway to the Houston rapper admitting that at times, his flesh has gone weak, he’s taken on liquor and been shooting his shot like 2006 era Dwyane Wade. Once the drums kick in, however, Iso balances himself. There’s a jaunt in his voice, abled by descriptive punchlines about blue suede shoes and the ability to Moonwalk on. “These days I don’t pray enough, I need to pray mo / I barely talk to God, I know he hears my heart / I need to speak mo,” he raps with a relaxed whisper. “I’m far from perfect, I’m a sinner made from God’s hand.”

Iso knows what he’s spreading to the world. Half educator, full Nigerian man of faith and understanding, getting by one identity just won’t do. All throughout his upcoming Last Name Iso project, My’Key displays the kind of earnest awareness that few rappers get towards, especially on early projects. “Candy Coated Dreams” harks back to the past where a specific car got My’Key through his procrastination. “GOMD” takes J.Cole’s original chop of Branford Marsalis’s “Berta, Berta” for a lyrical exercise. Iso wants to separate himself from the avalanche of Houston rappers. Uplifting his heritage on cuts like “27” as well as odes to his favorite woman on “Afrodisiac” are nifty moves in the right direction.

Identifying where My’Key’s help comes from? A perfect first step, especially when done in a genuine way. Stream “Blessings” below. Last Name Iso is on the way.