twenty eleven falling back

Seven years after their debut and three years since their last LP, Twenty Eleven is back.

Change happens when you move on to adulthood. Twenty Eleven, the five-man group consisting of one producer, two rappers, a vocalist and a DJ all had to grow up as well. It wasn’t a One Direction type of fall out in which a member left, leaving the other four to figure things out. Instead, Brad Gilmore, DJ Motai, Tre’ Will, Avery Davis and Corbin Dallas grew outward.

Davis, under the guise of -Us, released a slew of solo albums and became a local darling in his own right. Corbin Dallas went west to Los Angeles, becoming yet another Houstonian chasing his dreams in the wild myriad of buildings and personalities. Tre Will finished college and became an English teacher. DJ Motai dove deeper into his craft and production. And Brad Gilmore? The self-proclaimed Entertainment World Champion can be heard as one of the faces of Reality of Wrestling as well as Booker T’s Headted Conversations show on Sports Radio 610.

Everyone found their passion. And they all came back together.

Three years removed from “20 Summers” and “Dancefloor (To The Sun),” the band is all together with “Falling Back.” Driven by hard percussion and moody guitar work thanks to -Us, Corbin Dallas’ vocals cascade downward as if he’s part of a retrospective. Going back into bad habits and old loves is the nature of the game here as Tre Will and Brad Gilmore give verses to the causes, questioning the difference between then and now and feeling as vulnerable as ever.

The Twenty Eleven boys are back. Hear “Falling Back” below.