Tia Gold

Tia Gold channels all the faces of a “looking for love” record for “Lonely On Christmas.”

Last year, Tia Gold decided to release a Christmas ballad. The OJays achieved this once, a sprite of a song that is pretty sad when you think about it. No one wants to be a vibrant person on Christmas and spend it alone. Nobody wants to endure that heartbreak.

Gold’s ballad and now music video arrives one week before melted snow spanned the Houston area and another week before snow is supposedly coming again. The Chris Rockaway produced single offers a current of strings and a layered arrangement for Gold to sing both emphatically and empathically, “I’ll be waiting here all night / Until you’re right here by my side / Why am I lonely again, on Christmas Day?”

The video itself plays like the cruel sister to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Through mock home movies and even a retro ’60s stage set up, Gold displays how love and affection slipped away for the holidays. The worst feeling? Believing that the one you’re waiting for is right outside, when in reality, your mind is playing the worst kind of tricks on you.

Watch Tia’s “Lonely On Christmas” video below.