Jeezy invites J. Cole and K. Dot to put the American dream up against the dreams of Americans.

In a sort of “this is what it is” vs. “this is what y’all said it would be” sparring of ideals, Jeezy, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar flow about the dream they never really managed to buy. The three men do not use their verses not to beat a dead horse or further complain how the “American dream” ideal was never meant for them. Instead, they talk about what the dream looks like now, which, ironically, is whatever it needs to look like for them to survive.

All three rappers are, understandably, proud of themselves for making it against all odds. Jeezy talks about learning how to overcome all odds and others’ opinions. Cole pats himself on the back for his drive and understanding of how the game really works. Kendrick sums it up by coming in on the track in a hauntingly memorable way that only he can pull off, reasonably very proud of his stick-to-it-iveness simply as a result of him having to find a way to eat.

“American Dream” is featured on Jeezy’s album, Pressure, that debuts at midnight. Until then, check out track 12 below: