tut sleezy money

Chatanooga is back as TUT returns with “Sleezy Money,” produced by Dave Savage.

TUT, The House leader, has released “Sleezy Money,” a brand new track he teased on Twitter earlier today. The loosie is the first TUT release since “Hot Fire” and “Rags To Bxtches” back in August and months after “Hammer Time” and “G35” where he and Isaiah Rashad had a full blown family reunion on wax.

Charting the concept of taking jailhouse chances, TUT spends the four-minute cut with the mind of a dealer trying his hardest to escape the life. “We was a bunch of little Scarfaces,” he raps on the pensive track. He even makes pistol-whipping somebody in front of Chik-Fil-A over stolen weed about as correct a punishment as adultery. “See the way we living my n****, we live wrong / But somebody had to do it on they own, muhf*cka.”

Selling weed out of the Impala, trying anything to survive. It may not be the exact reality for Kev Adams but it’s the reality of many a man rocking a dark T-shirt posted up. “Sleezy Money” is more a psalm for them. Their ups and downs. Stream it here.