t-y-e lies video

T.Y.E lives out the best/worst feelings of a relationship for another 32 video.

It’s not saying much to admit that T.Y.E.’s 32 ranks among the best albums Dallas produced in 2017. It’s also not saying much that T.Y.E. and Dance Dailey have teamed up to produce a series of compelling videos for a wide number of 32 tracks. “Lies,” another record bore out of anxiety and contemplation, gets a video as the Dallas rapper endures the worst of a relationship with a woman he can’t stand. Wrestling with the thoughts of raising a child with the woman, he eventually endures every Maury scenario possible. It may not end in the happiest of ways as most Maury episodes, but T.Y.E and Dance Dailey (who makes a cameo) seem to be enthralled by the results.

Watch the “Lies” video from the Oak Cliff artist below. 32 is out now.