hogg booma ball

Hogg Booma’s quest to get things shaking doubles as a shrine for The Answer.

“I’m the Mailman because I brought packs back,” Hogg Booma sings on “Ball.” The Turn Up 4 A Bag rapper takes the single, filled with more sports allusions than a 60-second SportsCenter piece and puts the rapper as almost a secondary figure. Lil Justin decides to flip the concept of ball into one that is a full-blown altar to worship the greatness of one Allen Iverson.

There are clips of Bubba Chuck’s numerous athletic feats on the court, the alley-oops, dropping Marques Daniels twice on the same possession and more. There’s the step-over of Tyronn Lue and the crown jewel, Iverson crossing up Michael Jordan and landing a jumper right in his face. All the while, Booma’s melodic voice carries the entire clip. Watch the “Ball” video from Hogg Booma below. Turn Up 4 A Bag is available now.