alesia lani intentions

Timbs, FUBU jereys, choreography. Alesia Lani’s “Intentions” video is a ’90s dream come rue.

If you’re of a certain age, you remember the dominance of the FUBU jersey. How it went with any outfit, came in an assortment of colors and more. It even got region specific for a time. It was a staple of black culture in the ’90s, and Alesia Lani decides to make her red and blue jersey the centerpiece for her “Intentions” video.

The Kal V and Jon Keyz produced track is about not being upfront with what you want, a “why you bother me when you really don’t want me” sort of motif. “Every time I give my trust they always end up f*cking up / Every time I think it’s real it only ends up being lust,” the Austin native sings on the track. Elsewhere, G-Jet appears to drive home the point that maybe the right man can cure all of those ill-begotten thoughts Lani has.

From an empty basketball court to simple choreography, “Intentions” is a true ’90s send-up. The only thing missing is a storyline similar to that of Mya and Silkk The Shocker’s “Movin’ On.” Check out Alesia Lani’s “Intentions” video below.

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