thy kingdem

Five minutes of fury separate you from becoming a fan of Thy Kingdem.

“Houston muh’f*ckin’ Texas, hoe / With the golds all in my mouth.” It’s a flat-out declaration from Thy Kingdem about where he’s from and how he’s proudly going to represent it. Gold grills?
Emblems of the South and black boys on the verge. However, you don’t get the fiery punches of defiance until past the four-minute mark of “(Let Me Grow) The Blossom.” The previous marks of the record come with somber production and a lingering, arresting sample. His voice punctuates every thought he has about being a starving artist from providing for family and more.

“Build your influence then maybe they’ll think you hot or you buzzing,” the 25-year-old says on the song’s first verse about hard-headed rappers trapped in the rat race. “It ain’t no friendly competition when the rent is missing,” he says later on, showing off how hungry he is to succeed. It’s how the world works in his Southwest eyes. Stream “(Let Me Grow) The Blossom,” the Quest Dior produced track from Thy Kingdem below. The rapper’s double album, Seeing Strait is coming soon.