devante hunter

Devante Hunter takes a popular, repetitive hit for a dark, twisted joyride.

Before the year is up, we’ll realize how much music emitted from Houston and how much of it wasn’t appreciated with diligence and uproar. Studewood, a stretch of land connecting grass, concrete, plastic and bodies gave us Devante. He gave us Still Waiting earlier this year where he found himself expressing gratitude for beating a case in 2010 and still being gifted the time to win and also make mistakes. Devante, the former Envy Hunter, is a writer who operates within density. He wants you to feel everything, evocative and always present. The album made most of its toughest talking points about people within arms reach, both gone and here.

The momentum continues on “Gucci Gang,” a recently released freestyle over Lil Pump’s now ubiquitous single. Darkskin Devante looks to the skies and thanks to the late Antawayne while also acknowledging who would do things for him if things called for it. “F*ck a fad, I’m in my bag / And add Kyrie with the handles on the beat, I filet that hoe.” The funny thing about Devante’s rendition on top of “Gucci Gang” is how dismissive he is of the talking points of the original. No Balmain, no Gucci. No need to be anything other than himself.