Nothing’s New in Long Beach is working on consignment — for retro streetwear.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

A little bit of a #FlashbackFriday article here, we are bringing a “new” category of article called Brick & Mortar, highlighting physical store locales both in the city of Houston, as well as in other cities around the country and, eventually, around the world.

The first one that I want to do is a store that I came across, located near the apartment that I stayed at in Long Beach, CA, during Complexcon 2017. The shop was called Nothing’s New, a clever way to describe the products contained therein.

Take a look at the interview I had with Allen Pettenger, where we discuss his streetwear origins, why he sells vintage, and his advice to up-and-coming retailers. Be sure to make comments below! Also, if you know of any other shops, please send them our way!

Italics: D3 The Concrete // BOLD: Allen of Nothing’s New // All Photos courtesy of Nothing’s New

Tell us who you are and where you are from?
My name is Allen Pettenger, I’ve lived in AZ, IL, & CO and recently moved to Long Beach, CA after 5 1/2 years in Denver.

How did you find yourself in the streetwear industry?

I’ve always been interested in clothing, but initially, I wanted to be a graphic designer. By age 18 I found myself designing t-shirts with my artwork, which then grew into a small brand called “Anonymous Creations.” After a few years of designing t-shirts and headwear for that brand, I co-founded a streetwear boutique in Denver which we named “Station.” Reselling consumed me as my passion for curating grew, but I would still like to pump more of my designs in the future.

While in Long Beach, for ComplexCon 2017, I had a chance to go inside of the store. How was business before, during and after ComplexCon this year?

Leading up to Complex business was steadily growing. Although ComplexCon did bring a slew of customers, I wish I wasn’t able to hear back from someone at the event in time so we to discuss cross-promotion. Next year I think we will have more presence.

I loved the way that you were able to display all of the products, in spite of the space. What made you decide to go in that direction?

We definitely work with what we have. I took advantage of wall space and tried to use height to my advantage. It’s still a work in progress. But the layout works for what we have.

The name of the place is “Nothing’s New”. Tell us what is the oldest product that you have on the shelf / rack available for purchase?

The oldest products we have for sale would probably be 90’s sportswear and band T’s. Although the name may suggest a more vintage feel, it’s more so a play on words. Most of our product is lightly used, so that helped influence the name. Not much has changed for me in the last 4 years career-wise, so “Nothing’s New” also reflects that.

Congratulations on opening back in August! What are some successes and obstacles that you have encountered at Nothing’s New so far?

Thank you. Much appreciated. The success we have had would definitely be great customers and feedback from the community. Also, our recent 1/1 shoe collaboration with local shop illery, received amazing feedback. Keeping up inventory can be difficult and time-consuming, but we’ve had lots of great consignment heat come in recently.

Any advice for young people who are aspiring to open their own resale and/or retail shop?

My advice would be, “Stay with what you know.” Don’t do something because you think it’s cool or trending. Be original, think outside the box. Also, retail is hard work. You have to commit to hours, be professional, and step outside of your comfort zone. Be prepared to be devoted to your business if you plan to open a shop. Good luck to all the young creatives out there. Stay motivated. Don’t let having fun get in the way of your goals.

If you ever get to the LBC, be sure to walk into Nothing’s New and tell them D3 The Concrete sent you.