bigg fatts memoirs of the kitchen staff

Bigg Fatts’ album is one of the year’s best, regardless of location or region.

Roughly two months ago, before the Astros won the World Series and Houston experienced a snow day in the same week it was 80 degrees, Bigg Fatts cemented his status as your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Memoirs Of The Kitchen staff had been in the works for months, dating back to Fatts and Onehunnidt’s “Free Game” conversation back in February. Fatts said he was going to release something to shake up the world. Memoirs Of The Kitchen Staff is 11 different moments of Fatts letting loose. The world is better off for it.

Produced exclusively with PugTunes, Fatts absconds taking industry production or even the gothic trap melodies in favor of soulful instrumentation. Pug lets the horns blow on “The Kitchen Staff” where Fatts is joined by Delorean, Hot Peez and Rob Gullatte. “If it’s paper or plastic you still get the bag,” Fatts affirms as the drums kick up for one final rush. Being curious about the world has only made Fatts’ pen pick up the in-and-out like God Shammgod. “I’m feeling like Money Mitch when he bought the black SAAB.”

Fatts’ memoirs double between celebratory boasts, big facing of invisible foes and cautious tales that things could go wrong. His guests are all complimentary of him, from Show Louis’ two turns with “Shinin'” and “Stuck” to OneHunnidt jumping in on “Baking Soda Hallelujah.” The man from Jutland Road wanted to express the difference between his past work and the present. The flows get sharper, to the point where you could almost imitate them and still fall off somewhere down the path. PugTunes brings the difference out of him. “Stuck” leads off like a Beatles frolic down Abbey Road before tucking the light piano keys for menace and a sneering bass line. “Note To Self” samples The Electric Prunes’s “Holy Are You” and strips it down even further to let Fatts kick his peace. The tandem just works.

At the close of Memoirs Of The Kitchen Staff, Fatts laughs off the soulful organ squelch of “Blvd.” “This feel like that gotdamn After The Kappa … I guess we can say after the Harvey cause it done went dine!” Makes perfect sense after an album filled with audio cuts from Paid In Full to select moments of zen that the tape ends with a cut-up of The Crowns of Glory’ “Lord Hold Me In Your Arms.” Fatts and PugTunes may not sit in the pew every Sunday, but they have their church where they take notes and share them around. Those notes ended up becoming memoirs — and their creator remains good money and as consistent as they come.

Stream Memoirs From The Kitchen Staff from Big Fatts & PugTunes below.