slim thug the world is yours

Slim Thug is already trying to give you a theme song for 2018 with “Kingz & Bosses.”

Next week, Slim Thug will release The World Is Yours, his first album since last summer’s Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King. The 15-track album from the Big Boss of the Nawf features Jack Freeman, Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Cam Wallace, Rick Ross, Sauce Walka, 52 Savage and more with production from Wallace, Donnie Houston, G&B, Mr. Lee, ENG and Wofe De Mçhls. Speaking of Wolfe, he appears behind the boards on the album’s first single: “Kingz & Bosses” where Slim Thug and Big K.R.I.T. hog all the lanes in the world.

Confident and more disrespectful to the youngins than ever, Slim knows that years in the game have made him an elder statesman. “Ain’t nobody gon’ stop me from shoppin’ / Ain’t nobody gon’ stop me from ridin’ Rolls,” he raps. Big K.R.I.T chimes in with the kind of rhyme that reminds you that hustling out of your socks may be safer than the bank these days. “I wish a million for my patnas still in the hood / That got skills but ain’t no court to ball / I ain’t talkin’ shots I’m talkin’ shots to call…”

Premiered via HotNewHipHop, stream “Kingz & Bosses” below. The World Is Yours arrives December 15. Pre-order it here.

Slim Thug, The World Is Yours Tracklist
01. “TWIY” (Produced by Mr. Lee)
02. “Trap” (feat. Cam Wallace) (Produced By Cam Wallace)
03. “RIP Parking Lot” (feat. Paul Wall) (Produced By Donnie Houston)
04. “No Love” (feat. Z-Ro) (Produced By Mr. Lee)
05. “Ringing” (feat. Cam Wallace & Sauce Walka) (Produced By Cam Wallace)
06. “Kingz & Bosses” (feat. Big K.R.I.T.) (Produced By Wolfe)
07. “Boss Talk” (feat. Rick Ross & Jack Freeman) (Produced By G&B)
08. “Outstanding” (feat. Cam Wallace) (Produced By Cam Wallace)
09. “Wide Frame” (feat. Cam Wallace) (Produced By Cam Wallace)
10. “Mercedes” (feat. Cam Wallace) (Produced By Cam Wallace)
11. “Cali” (feat. Coolbrothajones) (Produced By ENG)
12. “Run For It” (feat. 52 Savage) (Produced By Mr. Lee)
13. “Still” (feat. Cityyy) (Produced By Mr. Lee)
14. “Next Level” (feat. Jack Freeman) (Produced By Donnie Houston)
15. “What’s Next” (Produced By Mr. Lee)