mike red rai p

Mike Red’s Trap Sushi is available now.

How do we explain Mike Red’s Trap Sushi? It’s an album that exists to ride the roller coaster of emotion. High-energy, guitar, and drum driven creations with Red shouting and delivering one-liners like a UPS man with Tourettes. In tandem, Mike Red and Rai P create nothing but club bangers, the kind of rolling urban audio assault vehicles that make the crunk era seem like it never left.

“Stangs” is not an allusion to an hourly motel. It’s specific slang that is specific to Mike Red, Trap Sushinese if you will. The short but sweet video manages to pack the entire song and its two-minute runtime into a performance shot with multiple cutaways to a random phone booth between Lucky & Knox. Rai P is playing background here but it’s not like the Raistation master if far away from the proceedings. Nope, Trap Sushi works with both of them. “Stangs” works with Red essentially giving up the game, but not selling it for free.

Watch the “Stangs” video below. Trap Sushi is out now.