dontaskgen time invested

DONTASKGEN’s first single after Memoirs Of The Summer doesn’t want to waste anything.

The worst aspect of a breakup is the dwelling. You sit back and take in all the good and bad, questioning whether or not if one moment or one action could have shifted things back in the right direction. DONTASKGEN, the former Gensis Iver and GEN. is trapped in such a glass case of emotion. Months after his Memoirs Of The Summer album (you can catch up below), the Houston artist is setting all of his feelings in an interlude. “Time Invested” is a swoon-worthy moment with skittering snares and attention-grabbing percussion. “I don’t see how space is gonna help us,” he sings. “I remember when you used to dress up for me, I remember when you did the extra for me… Tell me when did shit change up?”

You can stream “Time Invested” from the young Houston artist below. Stream his excellent Memoirs Of The Summer album featuring “Hollywood” below as well.