nique keep it jumping

A Nique oldie becomes a brand new goodie in the “Keep It Jumping” video.

In many ways, Nique’s “Keep It Jumping” is the perfect single of his to revisit. Since signing with Sony Music, the twenty-something Houston rapper has put together a 9-track EP in WTF Is Going On and has been as outspoken as one can be about the world. “Keep It Jumping” lets him not think abour the ills of society for a minute. instead, he can just relax and enjoy the moment with his favorite girl.

In the video Nique can be found cuddling, posted up in front of notable Houston shake joint and enjoying hotel quiet time. Given the nature of WTF Is Going On, it’s a small moment of brevity.

According to Nique, WTF Is Going On is more of a political statement than straight-line EP. “The first half serves as a look inside my mind,” the Houston rapper/producer says of his Sony Music debut. “The second half is for the fans.”

“Keep It Jumping” is featured on the first half of the 9-track EP which you can stream below in full.