z-ro codeine

What retirement? Z-Ro drops off another batch of 15 heaters for Codeine.

Every summer and every winter, Z-Ro drops something new. Even in “retirement,” the Houston OG can tell you he has 15 tracks on standby. In June, he released his summer album which was supposed to be a retirement walk in No Love Boulevard. Maybe Ro had a change of heart? I doubt it. Because again, this is Z-Ro we’re talking about here. The man hasn’t appeared this happy on an album cover in his entire career. Perhaps its the “World Series Grillz” that have changed his demeanor. Whatever the case may be, we have a new Z-Ro album to digest, the 22nd (!) of his career.

Codeine, not to be confused with the mythical Ro On Drugs series, is the latest Ro jaunt and it starts off like any Ro tape with sneering bombast and hearty laughter. “Owe You N*ggaz Shit” is appropriately titled as Ro blasts anybody questioning him, along with who he does it for. Pimp C chiming in on the chorus is an added touch, “You don’t wanna see that body bag zip like that / When I’m reppin’ Hoover Crip, Screwed Up Click like that.”

The early favorite from Codeine? “So Houston,” featuring a relaxed Lil Keke and Big Baby Flava doing his best tribute to Big Moe. Ro is singing to his heart’s content with tributes to Fat Pat, DJ Screw and more. “And it’s not H-Town, it’s H-Tine,” he sways. “We swang and bang babe, cause the boulevard is our playground!”

Sporting guest appearances from Jhonni Blaze and Lil Flea, Ro’s latest is another December moment for the Ridgement representer. Stream the album via SoundCloud below and purchase it on iTunes.