the aspiring me

The Aspiring Me’s new project You Might Like This is out now.

To celebrate his recent “You Might Like This” interactive installation, The Aspiring Me sounds the horns and skates on “Always Lit.” The installation, according to The Aspiring Me is “to coincide” with the release of his brand new project, You Might Like This. The installation launched on Friday at the Houston Museum of African-American Culture (480 Caroline St.). “Always Lit,” similar to “Blue Bonnets” and June’s “Glow” explores the second generation Houston rapper’s expanding sonics.

“We gone go up, I know this dungeon got drops / But my n*gga this here be the up,” he sings on “Always Lit,” referencing the classic Astroworld ride. Although “Blue Bonnets” and “Always Lit” sit in the same waters as indie experimentation, the EP’s opener, “No Way To Live” feels like trepid modern R&B. A breakup song that is more of a plea for reconciliation. “I say I love you, you don’t hear me though,” the man born Andrew Davis sings. Armed with a strong sense of songwriting, TAME doesn’t escape his rapping roots. Instead, he flips them into something even more universal. Stream “Always Lit” below and take in the entirety of TAME’s 5-track EP below.