scarface deeply rooted

Scarface’s 2015 classic in Deeply Rooted is getting a re-issue with a few unreleased tracks.

Two years ago, Scarface released Deeply Rooted, a return to form for the venerable Houston rapper. Later this month, Facemob will return to that album with The Lost Files, a 10-track EP including remixes of Deeply Rooted standouts such as “Hot Seat” and “Keep It Movin.”

Face has already released two singles from the new EP, “Black Still” and “Same Ol Same” which you can stream below. Reimagining Public Enemy’s “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos,” “Black Still” features N.O. Joe’s trusty guitar playing underneath Facemob’s fiery lyrics. “Super quick to steal one’s culture / Tryna make it your own / Caveman, go home.” Watch the Dr. Teeth directed video for “Black Still” below and stream “Same Ol Same” as well.

Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files lands on December 15. Pre-order the EP on iTunes

Deeply Rooted, The Lost Files Tracklist
01. “Black Still”
02. “Concrete Couch (Hot Seat Alternate Version)”
03. “Live That Life”
04. “Mental Exorcism (Alternate Version)”
05. “Same Ol Same”
06. “That’s Where I’m At”
07. “The Rebound”
08. “One Day Closer”
09. “Gone (Keep It Movin Alternate Version)”
10. “Dollar Bill (Anything Alternate Version)”