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Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap is finally coming in 2018.

After The Marathon Continues and Crenshaw, Nipsey Hussle somewhat retreated from making huge, sweeping statements on mixtapes. Fans bemoaned and wondered if ever his Victory Lap album would see the light of day. The “Hussle In The House” rapper finally has an answer for fans: February 2018.

Victory Lap aims to be the soundtrack of All-Star Weekend when it comes to Los Angeles next year. Buoyed by a partnership between Atlantic Records and his All Money In label, Hussle finally shares the lead track from his album, “Rap N*ggas.” Bookending every bar as one would expect, Hussle proudly sits in high favor, ecstatic about what his next move is.

Stream “Rap N*ggas” from Victory Lap below. Hussle’s debut album arrives on February 16.

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  1. Nipsey Hussle Does a 'Victory Lap' Around Houston

    […] Out of seemingly nowhere, Hussle hopped on the stage and started going in – no opener, just him, appropriately starting off with “Victory Lap,” the title song from his latest release, his first studio album ever. I know, I know…it seems like there should have been more albums, but that’s why this one is so important – it’s literally a victory lap around all the haters that said he wouldn’t make it, around all the b.s. he’s had to put up with in the industry, and around his personal angels and demons that he’s had to overcome. His first commercial release after a string of mixtapes over the last 13 years, there is no way a rap fan cannot support Nipsey Hussle. It’s arguable that he’s the Cardi B of his style – you just want him to win so badly. The reason for this is because, as his followers have seen, and as he was quick to remind us early in the show, he really isn’t like all these other “Rap N*ggas.” […]


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