nike football yates wheatley

Nike Football showcases Texas football, including three football programs tied together by the sport.

In February, Nike held The Opening, a high school combine program where the spotlight focused upon the programs of Jack Yates and Phyllis Wheatley High Schools. The two schools make up Third Ward High and Fifth Ward High, rivals who come together every year for the Thanksgiving Classic. Decades ago, the two majority black programs brought out 60,000 people to watch the two teams face off.

Months later, the Yates/Wheatley game took on a far more significant meaning. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the pride of Third Ward and Fifth Ward became an even larger focus. Harvey, however, left the most devastation for Port Arthur, the home of UGK and a city that lands less than 90 minutes from either Yates or Wheatley.

From testimonials to the sights of debris up and down 33rd Street and beyond, the Port Arthur spot “Football In The Flood” documents Port Arthur Memorial’s return to the field in the wake of the storm. “Football was the only thing that felt regular, felt normal,” a player stays. “The best way for this city to get better? Is to be a family.”

Watch the spotlight on Yates, Wheatley and Port Arthur Memorial via Nike Football below.