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Streetwear, for many individuals, is the first introduction to the art world. Brands, such as Supreme (with Roy Lichtenstein, KAWS, Damien Hirst, and most recently, Andres Serrano), Undefeated (Estevan Oriol) , HUF (Patrick Nagel), have collaborated with brands for as long as streetwear has been around forever. However, for the artist that I interviewed not too long ago, art is a function in and of itself. Take some time to read through my interview with Michael Krim and tell us what you think about it in the comments or the inbox.
BOLD: D3 The Concrete // Italics: Michael Krim of Paper Work NYC // All Photos c/o: Paperwork NYC
Please tell us who you are and where you are from? 
My Name is Michael Krim and I run PAPER WORK NYC. Originally from Los Angeles, but have resided in NYC
for the last 8 years.
Tell us about what PAPERWORK NYC is and how it got started? Also, tell us how you got into streetwear?
Paper Work NYC is a independent publishing company that presents artists a multidisciplinary  platform to express their vision in both tangible and event/gallery curated formats.  Personally, I have been doing graphics and photography for luxury streetwear brands for years, but Paper Work NYC is all artist-driven and in no way streetwear by any means, but that’s not to say we have not worked with iconic people within the industry.   
At COMPLEXCON 2017, where we met, I noticed that you were sharing a space with some other brands, (Richardson being one of them). What was the significance of this and how did it play into the overall aesthetic of your booth? 
Richardson Magazine is an awesome magazine and 100% had a role in our earlier years as being an inspiration, content wise. Andrew has a great eye for all things hi-end and shitty. So it kinda goes hand to hand with everything were doing.
I also noticed that PAPERWORK NYC was partnering with Cultural Traffic (which we talked about in our conversation at COMPLEXCON 2017). Explain what is Cultural Traffic and their role in helping to put together the showcase of artists at COMPLEXCON. 
Cultural Traffic is a print publishing arts fair for dealers in counterculture and independent producers to trade books, zines, prints, catalogues, vinyls and tapes in both current and obsolete format. CULTURAL TRAFFIC takes place in London, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. For Complex Con, we pretty much just did a mash up of our artist and friends and choose the best from all the vendors at Cultural traffic. 
What initially drew me into the booth was some very provocative pieces, placed prominently at the central focal point. Please tell us how you came upon this piece and what is its historical significance, as it relates to your artistic expression?  
The center piece was a mash up of my photography and lifestyle and Julia Fox’s sweatshirts. Her limited edition sweatshirts played on historical events that have personally affected her throughout her lifetime. The writing in blood was actually her own so in someways, she was giving a bit of herself to everyone that purchased one.
You have an event at Art Basel this December with Cultural Traffic. What is the information that people need to come to your exhibition there? 
Cultural traffic will take place Dec 8-10th at 7610 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33138. Entry will be free and everyone is invited. Come say hi.
Any practical advice for artists who are desiring to work in the industry of developing zine? Clothing? Compelling artwork? Do it from the heart and with integrity and create your own lane and stay in it. Let me say that again: STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE! I cant stress how important that is. Stay active, go outside, don’t make your mood board from someone else’s IG. And just know what ever you’re doing has been done before, you’re not original till you do it different, and you suck till further notice.