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Secrett ties two Spike Lee classics into one for “Melanin.”

On Thanksgiving Day, Netflix and Spike Lee released their adaptation of She’s Gotta Have It, Spike Lee’s first joint. The 10-episode series brought back the original foursome of Nola, Mars, Greer and Jamie but also added new wrinkles. First, the music of the show is bespoke with touches to jazz, Cuban music, hip-hop and more. Second, it features Houston’s Jack Freeman (“Nobody”) in the fifth episode. If you want a playlist, check out our list on Apple Music.

One of the gems found on the show is Secrett’s “Melanin.” Snappy and fun, the record is a hallmark and celebration of black womanhood and more. For the official video, Secrett takes it all the way to Do The Right Thing Way in Brooklyn. Channelling Rosie Perez’s opener from Do The Right Thing, Secrett performs the cut almost to the exact dance patterns and rhythms Perez created in the 1989 original.

“Yea we some bosses / You ain’t strong enough count ya losses,” Secrett raps on the bouncy single. “Yea we don’t play that / We be starting trends and they take that / Flyest first lady ever, you mad? /AAAYYYEEE girl you better slay that.”

Watch the colorful video for “Melanin” below.

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