daniel caesar freudian

The Grammy-nominated Toronto singer drops a video for his debut album’s title track.

Tuesday was a happy day for Daniel Caesar. The 22-year-old “Get You” singer woke up to find out that his breakthrough single and debut album, Freudian, had been nominated for two Grammy Awards. There’s also the interesting wrinkle of fans constantly getting engaged at his shows so that is also a victory. I mean, the man made an album about love, even the dirty mack aspect of falling in love as well as the “she puts up with my dumb tendencies” stance on “Blessed.”

Right on time, Caesar drops the video for Freudian‘s title track, and it is cut into two parts. The first half finds him experiencing both sides of a breakup, that wild hypothetical of how you should feel after love has gotten away. One side is angry; the other seems to be in a harem of bliss. The second half of the video feels very Wes Anderson like. Caesar acts as a drill instructor as his group, all women, are running down a road in a wooded area. Around the third verse, one of the trainees speaks from her own perspective, telling Daniel off right in tune with the tone of the song. “Know I’d take a bullet for you/ No you don’t know what I go through,” she mouths. “And I know you think you’re kind of nice/ Do you remember when I saved your life?”

Watch the “Freudian” visual, directed by Keavan Yazdani and Sean Brown below.