trakksounds feel alive

Trakksounds’ sobering track from The Other Side becomes a real-life PSA.

Back in April, Trakksounds let loose “Feel Alive,” a Dizzy Wright and T2 The Ghetto Hippie dominated cut that found itself buried in the middle of his The Other Side album. Months later, the Houston producer revisits the track thanks to T2 getting behind the director’s chair and shooting a video on sobriety, restraint, and fatal choices.

As Dizzy Wright’s lyrics soundtrack the events, GT Garza leads his female companion down a path of peer pressure consuming plenty of drugs she initially shies away from. Out of love, she relents and dives into the same world of her boyfriend. It all comes ahead near the video’s end as the woman’s decisions along with GT’s lead to a consequence. Or do they? T2’s direction has often shown off fun parties where the only haze that lingers is the next fun escapade. “Feel Alive” instead plays on a common theme found amongst many men and women. It’s a strong narrative that plays throughout and through friendly text messages and warnings, it comes off as a public service announcement one would actually take to heart.

Watch the T2 the Ghetto Hippie directed video for “Feel Alive” below. The Other Side, Trakksounds’ April album featuring Scarface, Kevin Gates, Devin The Dude, A$AP Ferg, Maxo Kream and more is out now.