fat tony son of god

Fat Tony’s contribution to the Nice Life playlist is a wired up sex jam.

Imagine life as Fat Tony. You’re always around and involved in every party. Being at every event allows you to live a life where people notice you. For Tony, knowing one woman who wants to make his acquaintance every single night. “Son Of God” isn’t biblical by any sense but Tony thinks he’s touching this girl’s life like the Son of Man. “She bout to give my D a hickie!” he exclaims as he and his female friend try almost every club drug a try. “She don’t call my phone before 3 a.m. / Now I’m in the bed with her and her best friend.”

Tony makes the obvious drug references of Lindsay by the pound, Whitney by the key but it’s all about this one woman who drives him wild. “Son Of God” is set to be featured on Nice Life’s upcoming WINTER ’18 playlist due out on December 9. About the single, Nice Life label founder Ricky Reed had high praise of the MacGregor Park rapper.

“Tony is the kind of guy you see everywhere,” Reed said. “Everyone knows him, loves him. After having him to roughly 1000 house parties, we finally spent a day together in the studio and made “Son of God,” I’ve always thought best music is made by people who count each other as friends first.”

Stream “Son Of God” below.