Erva Carter’s latest visual for “Euphoria” is out now on her (bomb) Web site, If you’re new to Erva Carter’s music, first of all, get it together, and second of all, this is a great introduction. The song has grown and sexy laced through the lyrics like a Migos ad lib, and the visual does the lyrics loads of justice.

We don’t get “just a party scene” here, but a setup to Erva using her seductress ways to lure the object of her affection away from the party to carry her into this euphoria that is so deserving of its own ballad. A sort of diversion from the earthy flow we get from Carter, the song gives us something we could ride to, vibe out to in the club, or play to get us in the mood for a date with that one that just does it for us.

Erva Carter is a tiny person, but as this song and her strong vocals show, you should never judge a book by its cover. Carter is not at all to be taken lightly, and she is a full grown woman, singing to the night’s pleasurer, “I know that you can own it/Come and own it.”

Well, excuse us, Miss Carter…