le$ the catalina wine mixer short film

Le$ combines behind the scenes absuridty with beautiful music for The Catalina Wine Mixer short film.

There’s a scene in Le$ and Todd Louis’ excellent The Catalina Wine Mixer short where both men are riding around Houston, bullshitting. Le$ begins singing randomness and Louis, the often jokey host of Things With Todd wonders aloud, “What kind of music is that, bro?” Le$ laughs and realizes something. “A n*** been trying so hard for so long and then when you don’t try it becomes the best shit ever of all time?”

That randomness, well, a lot of the randomness captured in The Catalina Wine Mixer film shows off Le$’ comedic timing. We already know how much of a psychedelic jaunt the table is thanks to Louis’ production and Le$’ steadfast approach to dropping wisdom at every turn. The film, directed by OG Danny Ocean is high-brow comedy from two sharply dressed men, including Le$ getting upset that his mom called during a session. In between all of the music and various sights and scenes of illuminated downtown and midtown Houston, it’s Le$ and Todd that make the most sense of all.

“Adidas should give us money for this shit. We really out here reppin’,” Louis says as he, Danny Ocean and Le$ are all rocking various forms of Adidas gear. When it promptly cuts back to Jorgey Casanova, Le$’ go-to when it comes to capturing his aesthetic, he looks blankly at the camera. “We’re about to shoot a short film,” Louis tells him. “Literally about nothing.”

Jump into the mix below. The Catalina Wine Mixer from Le$ and Todd Louis is available now.