A year after Layers, BeMyFiasco takes on Europe with a little slice of Dallas for “Flashlight.”

BeMyFiasco doesn’t record in spurts, only when the moment is right. A year after her Layers EP went through the period of embracing love and the signature sliding soul she embraced as her own, the Dallas singer chose a new challenge. Now entrenched in Spain, she still finds ways to make Dallas part of her life, combining European flavor with Southern romance on “Flashlight.”

Produced by longtime friend and collaborator Ish D, “Flashlight” pounds away with syncopated drums from the UK garage era with a little drum and bass to match. Fiasco spends the record looking backward and also holding onto the present. A lover two years ago brought her into this space; now she cannot stop thinking about their voice, their smile, their being. It’s a song about swooning, those periods where even at your lowest times, the comfort of knowing you won’t hit rock bottom is there.

Swinging and fun, the Dallas meets UK vibe of BeMyFiasco’s latest shows a singer untwisting the knots of one chapter and laying down roads for a new one. Stream “Flashlight” below and catch up on Layers by jamming the lauded EP here.