tobe nwigwe tobe from the swat cover

Tobe Nwigwe’s long-awaited Tobe From The SWAT EP is finally here.

Tobe Nwigwe represents Alief, Texas. Yes, the same Alief, Texas that produced Rob Gullatte, Maxo Kream, OG Danny Ocean and a countless number of other rappers, dreamers, believers, hustlers and more. He’s attempted to introduce you to world via his Tobe From The SWAT web series on YouTube. He’s also attempted to let you know via various double-downed, meticilous flows here and there that Alief isn’t a joke. He even expressed this in a poignant video for his “What Its For” single. What’s nine more records of varying dexterity and bounce going to do other than further drive home the mission?

Tobe From The SWAT, Nwigwe’s long-awaited EP combines the unmistakable drawl of Southwest Houston with Nwigwe’s upbringing and combs through every piece of his life. “Watch yo’ mouth / Where I’m from you could be come a casualty,” he raps on the etheral “Houston Tribute 2.” It’s a defensive mechanism, a pattern of remerbring out of fear that forgetting where you’re from will reveal whether or not you learned anything when you were there. The concept bubbles and brews throughout the EP as Nwigwe raps with a confident, controlled cadence around murky, straight from the church basement style production. The title track kicks in with chunky drums aimed to destroy subwoofers and Nwigwe often finding himself amazed at his own bars. “Look, I’m from the SWAT … you can get your issue.”

The boy from the West done did good. Want more from Southwest Alief, Texas? Stream Tobe From The SWAT below and purchase the EP on iTunes.