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I heard a word from a bird that ZUMIEZ, the streetwear store that is taking American malls by storm (as of April 2016, there are 650+ stores!!), is having a really cool event in Houston at the beginning of December. So, I started to think: who do I know that works for ZUMIEZ? ::light bulb turns on:: I know! My friend Katheryn Holzworth aka “Goose” bka “Kat”.
So I reached out to hear and asked her a few questions about her career at ZUMIEZ, the event coming up, and what can people find there.
Read the interview below // Italics: D3 The Concrete // BOLD: Katheryn H. of ZUMIEZ 
Tell us who you are and where you are from.
My name’s Katheryn Holzworth. I’m from Houston, Texas and I’ve been here pretty much my whole life. 
From what I understand, you work for ZUMIEZ, but not at the sales representative level. In what capacity do you work for the ZUMIEZ organization?
Presently, I’m a District Manager for Zumiez. What that means is I oversee an entire market. In my case, that’s anything North of the 10 and South Texas.
What exactly got you involved in the world of streetwear?
What got me into streetwear, that’s tricky. I kind of stumbled into the world of streetwear. I would have to say music and sneaker culture really introduced me to it.  I was really intrigued with how it’s an everyday fashion that can be casual or formal even and it’s more of a niche culture than mainstream designer clothing. Anyone who is into streetwear knows the excitement you get when you see someone with a gnarly limited collab, or find something super limited for sale in a thrift store for cheap, because not everyone is in the know of streetwear or had the same appreciation for it.  I also love the challenge of keeping up with streetwear because there is always something new, be it a brand or influencer. 
I saw that you have an event coming up in Houston, at Warehouse Live. What can a person who comes to this event expect when they get there?
With the upcoming event I’m not sure anyone can prepare themselves for what they’re going to experience!  This is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our community to come out, see a dope free show, play some games, and connect with a brand that really speaks to Houston’s culture.  I’d potentially say imagine a mix of “Project X” (minus anything negative that happened in that movie) and “House Party”. It’s going to be wild! 
How did the collaboration between 40s & Shorties x ZUMIEZ happen and what was it about Houston that made it the focal point for this event?
We do Zumiez Presents all over the country. 40s and Shorties really speaks to Houston culture with a lot of their designs and their overall vibe, that’s what made it the right brand for our city. So, with the culture of our brand, and what Houston has gone through this year, the holiday season made perfect timing for the event.  We really want to just give back to our community and give them a chance to step away from all the stress they’ve had to deal with in recent months. That’s what Zumiez Presents are all about: giving back to our customers. 
How did you all go about choosing the artists that are on the bill for the evening?
Our marketing department booked all of the artists for this event! We’re always looking for the most unique and mind blowing artists. 
What is some practical advice that you can offer an individual who desires to work in the streetwear fashion industry?
Well, streetwear is a fast moving industry. It seems like every week, there is a new influencer, new brand, and new show drop.  I feel the number one priority is that you have to be invested in the culture.  Streetwear culture is unlike anything else and that’s what makes it so great. It’s not just a style, it’s a culture.  Aside from that, I think other basic principles apply: always be genuine, network as much as you can, treat everyone as a priority. You never know who you’re gonna meet and who you’re going to influence. Lastly, work hard and give back to others. 
If you are interested in this event, click the flyer below and be sure to RSVP!!!