Chance The Rapper’s “Come Back Barack” music video with Kenan Thompson & Chris Redd is the ’90s R&B homage we all needed.

When you think about ’90s R&B music videos, a few things come to mind. A shot of the singer in bed, staring up at the ceiling, for example. Candles lit in the background as the singers sing in the foreground. For male R&B groups, you could count on one scene where they were all dressed up and at least one of them wore a fedora. Not to mention the default “singing in the rain” scene.

All these and more surface in “Come Back Barack,” a hilarious send-up of ’90s R&B with a modern-day twist that was premiered last night on Saturday Night Live. Guest host Chance the Rapper – who was hosting for his time ever after appearing on ‘SNL’ twice as a musical guest in the past – performed the song, joining forces with Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd to form the R&B trio “De-Von-Tre.”

As hilarious it is to see Kenan Thompson bring back the staple of talking to the listener in a break during the song (“Maybe [Barack] can at least give us a speech, right? How much? Oh, no, we definitely not paying that, then!“) or to see Redd weep while gazing forlorn at a picture of the former POTUS, there might be a LITTLE truth to what they’re singing about.

Slight saltiness at seeing Barack Obama and his family enjoy their lives without us? You might relate. That feeling of turning the TV and feeling in constant danger because we have a Tangerine Terrorist our current President seems incapable of handling a crisis? That’ll feel familiar, too. It’s not the same as losing the love of your life, but damn if De-Von-Tre don’t make it sound pretty close.

We can’t exactly have Barack Obama back as President, but we’ll always have the memories; and now we’ll have this song, too. Watch De-Von-Tre’s “Come Back Barack” music video for yourself up top.