Xavier Omär’s new EP, Pink Lightning, is five tracks of smooth, cold grooves.

In a sense, 2017 was the year Xavier Omär emerged from the shadows. The artist formerly known as SPZRKT left behind the alphabet to adopt an actual name. In the process, the singer peeled back another layer of himself and exposed still more of the public to his awe-inspiring voice. “Afraid” and “No Way Out”  let fans know that his name may have changed but his talent was still very much the same. And even after appearing at San Antonio’s Mala Luna Fest a month ago, Omär knew he had more to share in 2017.

That “more to share” arrived Friday morning, with the release of his new EP, ‘Pink Lightning.’ Five tracks deep and a mostly solo affair, ‘Pink Lightning’ is both powerful and creative.

For one, Omär uses the EP to experiment with different sounds. “The Title,” a declaration of desire for an end goal in a courtship, borrows from the barbershop quartet with its background hums and coos. Then there’s “Stuck,” which dips into ’70s disco soul by way of a funky bass guitar and hand-clap inducing instrumentation.

‘Pink Lightning’ captivates listeners from the jump, with the trap’n’B-esque “Runnin’ Round” and Omär cautioning “You, you, need to slow it down” on the hook. It’s romantic without being forced (“Stuck”). It’s pleading without begging (“Wild (Remix)”). And the EP’s sole feature, Leuca, shines alongside Xavier on “Change on Me,” a smooth duet that could easily sneak onto urban contemporary radio. ‘Pink Lightning’ is deeply satisfying; yet it will leave many hoping it’s only a holdover until Omär’s next proper LP.

Stream Xavier Omär’s ‘Pink Lightning’ EP for yourself down below and grab the EP now off iTunes.