Compton rapper Sir Jon Lee gets his WolfPack together in the visuals for his “Bullet Club” single.

They say a man is only as good as the company he keeps. That may be precisely why Sir Jon Lee chose to surround himself with wolves.

The Compton, California producer-rapper linked up with a fellow creative, J. Kaufman, to create “the Court of Wolves.” They’re a Rat Pack-inspired crew, in the sense that they dress sharp and are inseparable in the public eye. But the Court of Wolves remain ever hungry, too, stalking around for the next opportunity and ready to pounce and bite down upon the one that presents itself.

After dropping the ‘Melancholy’ EP in 2016, Sir Jon Lee released his proper debut album, ‘He Eats With Wolves,’ in October. And for those who haven’t given ‘He Eats’ and its cleverly-titled tracklisting a spin, Sir Jon Lee is hoping the visuals will bring along the audience. The first track from ‘He Eats with Wolves’ to get an official music video? The F.Y.I.-assisted cut “Bullet Club.”

True to its title, “Bullet Club” makes a myriad of wrestling references – right down to Sir Jon comparing himself to Kenny Omega and John Cena – but isn’t exactly “wrassle rap.” Rather, the emcee’s slowed flow maintains pace with the scaled-back beat. Feature F.Y.I. speeds things up a bit in the middle verse,  referencing The Rock and insisting his metaphors are verbal figure 4 leg-locks.

The “Bullet Club” video depicts the crew – or “wolves” – dispersed throughout the city as Sir Jon Lee walks towards an undisclosed location, his face profiled away from the camera for most of the clip. “We turned it into a crew anthem and I wanted to create an air of mystery around the artist,” director Paul Buford III said of the visuals (which were dedicated to Johnny Dower, Sr). “It’s the leader of the pack of Wolves returning home after a journey, to make sure the entire team gets theirs.” That makes perfect sense considering the video’s closing shot has everybody eating (literally) at Louie’s Burgers.

“I know my city The Promised Land,” Sir Jon raps on “Bullet Club,” speaking of his beloved Compton. “Ken put the city back on the map – I’ma make sure we ain’t going black!” Compton spitters are making the West great again, and Sir Jon Lee may the next proof of that. He’s got #ThePulse for taking his own route in style.

Watch the visuals for Sir Jon Lee’s “Bullet Club” single for yourself below. Sir Jon Lee’s ‘He Eats With Wolves’ LP, on which “Bullet Club” appears, is out now on iTunes.